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Nestled in the old Montague Book Mill; this neighborhood hub offers deliciously creative food, craft beers, wines, & cocktails. Served in a comfortable, intimate, and insanely scenic setting. The Alvah Stone Bar & Restaurant is truly the hidden gem of Montague, MA and consequently my new favorite restaurant.


Located on the Sawmill River, this already beautifully vintage building becomes a true picturesque escape. The mill was originally used to grind grain by local individuals, families, & businesses (circa 1800’s). And after my first dining experience at The Alvah Stone I can see why the mill continues to bring the community together as they are also home to The Book Mill, The Lady Killigrew Café, and other nearby shops & offices.

Talk about embracing your roots!


From the incredibly friendly service, to the carefully crafted cocktails, to the execution of the dishes; every single detail of this cozy restaurant made this dining experience special. Our meals were perfectly presented and amazingly delicious.

Warm Soft Pretzel with Beer Cheese
Alvah Stone Burger w/ Cheese Grits & Radish Salad
Montague Manhattan & The Machine
Salted Caramel Custard w/ Chocolate Cookies

We started with the Warm Soft Pretzel which is rustically served on a cheese board & accompanied by a mason jar filled with the most flavorful Beer Cheese. Paired with a Lefty’s Breakfast Stout and we were off to a fantastic start…Now, I’m going to do my best to contain my excitement for this burger but it is nearly impossible…This was the BEST burger I have EVER tasted! I was first pleasantly surprised that it was prepared on a toasted english muffin and was then blown away by the combination of flavors of the onion marmalade, cheddar, pickles, & mayo. Yum. The Radish Salad was fresh, light, and intertwined  the sweetness of the pear with the spiciness of the greens and creaminess of the buttermilk dressing brilliantly. Bravo. Dessert is never a big deal for me but when I am offered a Salted Caramel Custard topped with fresh whipped cream and freshly baked chocolate cookies, it would be sinful for me to decline. Although the Montague Manhattan would have made a divine liquid dessert on its own.


The true beauty of The Alvah Stone is that this restaurant creates a seasonal, locally sourced menu. The menu changes several times throughout the week and is driven by what local ingredients are fresh and available. This approach to cooking allows the quality of the ingredients to enhance the flavors of the dishes and more importantly helps support our local farms and businesses.

Remember No Farms = No Food. 


 And did I mention the views…
















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  1. Until I read your post, I had no idea what a diamond in the rough this is! I must have a date night there, asap.

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